Thank you for downloading the My Little Mole Toolbar for Internet Explorer


Your download should begin automatically. If it does not CLICK HERE to begin downloading immediately. When prompted, select the Run option to begin the installation as soon as the download completes. When you see the download progress bar, close all open Internet Explorer Browser Windows.



In order to install this software, you must close all open Internet Explorer browsers. You will receive a File In Use error if you do not close all browsers and the Toolbar will not install. If you see this message, close all open browsers and click Retry. This will continue the installation. When the installation is completed, open Internet Explorer and you will see the new toolbar. That should be all there is to it.

You may receive a warning during installation from your anti-virus or firewall program stating a program is trying to modify your settings. This is a toolbar and it needs to add itself to your Internet Explorer or Firefox program so it does need to access those programs. Click OK to allow it to continue. If your software did not give you any alerts, YOU NEED FIREWALL AND ANTI-VIRUS/TROJAN PROTECTION SOFTWARE. MyLittleMole will warn you about dangerous websites but you still need anti-virus and firewall protection software to protect your computer from known viruses, trojans, and other threats. The free anti-virus software that came with your computer is USELESS and will not protect you. If you do not use anti-virus software then scammers can take over your computer, steal your information, or damage your computer remotely. Every internet user must have anti-virus and firewall software installed to protect their computer from hackers and scammers as well as the My Little Mole Toolbar.

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