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We monitor over 100 domains which receive thousands of spam messages daily. It is not necessary to notify us about all spam. If you receive it, then we receive it too.

You can leave your own comment about a website by using the Star Rating button in the toolbar.

If you have visited a spam site or other clearly fraudulent site which did not generate an alert message either on the main page or on the checkout page, then please do let us know.

If you visited a known legitimate site which generated a false alert, then ABSOLUTELY do let us know. The My Little Mole Toolbar alerts on specific domain names but it also uses a smart algorithm to analyize page contents, IP addresses, and other factors to determine if a page is legitimate. Sometimes legitimate websites may generate one of these general alert messages.

We need to know the exact URL of the webpage which generated a false positive or that you are reporting.

Please note that we cannot possibly add every website that is reported to us. We only list websites that violate the My Little Mole Rules Of The Internet We cannot add every small website that sends an unauthorized email or every business that has an angry customer. If we did, the toolbar would alert for half of the websites on the internet. We list the worst offenders and sites which we can verify have violated one or more of the Rules.

If your website has been blacklisted and is generating a BLACKLIST message for every page and you would like to turn over a new leaf and become an honest site which abides by the My Little Mole Rules Of The Internet go to the Rules page to find information about comming clean. Only then can your site be removed from our blacklist.

You can send reports to


Is your website in compliance?

If you were sent to this page as the result of a complaint against your website or you installed MLM and realized it alerts when accessing your website(and it is not an erroneous alert) then you should review the MLMROTI to see if you are in violation of any Rules Of The Internet.

Here is a short checklist

  • Does your company have a checkout page where you pre-check an opt-in mailing option?
  • Do you send regular emails to your mailing list without obtaining EXPLICIT and ACTIVE permission to use those email addresses from the owner of that email account?
  • Do you continue to send emails to your mailing list without renewing opt-in status every 12 months?
  • Do you send email to email addresses you obtained from other companies or other sources?
  • Does your company use Telemarketers to call people at home or at their business in an attempt to sell them anything?
  • Does your company accept orders or personal information on a non SSL webpage?
  • Is your website offering items that you do not actually sell or you sell items and never ship anything?
  • Is your company simply a sham and a fraud intended to steal credit card numbers?

If you answered yes to ANY of these then you are in violation of the MLMROTI and your site is subject to being Blacklisted. You can take corrective action and bring your website into compliance. See the FAQ for details.










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