MLM Certification

Show your website visitors that you are an honest and non-spamming company by displaying the My Little Mole™ Rules Of The Internet Certification

You may ONLY display this certification after submitting a form stating that you will honor the MLMROTI and we have reviewed your website and added your site to our approved list. Any website displaying the MLM Certification without following this procedure, or any website displaying the MLM Certification that is in violation of the MLMROTI will be permenantly blacklisted.


  1. Submit our form agreeing to honor and abide by the MLMROTI rules.
  2. Submit your site URL where you would like to display the Certified logo along with your contact information and a mailing address.
  3. Wait for approval before posting the logo.
  4. Once you have approval, add the logo anywhere on your site. We will provide a special URL that you must use as a link for the image. Any Certification image that is used which does not use our special link will be considered a fraudulent use of our certification logo and your site will be Blacklisted as a result. This special link will allow visitors to click and verify that your website has passed our certification process.


Note that My Little Mole is Trademarked and CAN NOT be used without our written permission. The logo cannot be modified with the exception of resizing the image. If the image is resized, the aspect ratio must be maintained. No color changes are allowed, no alterations to the graphic and no additions of words in the image, or near the image which may appear to be associated with the certification image are allowed.

Clcik the below button to contact us about joining the MLMROTI Certification Program. Show your website visitors that you are a legitimate site.








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