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My Little Mole Toolbar™ adds a useful search bar to your IE or FireFox browser. It then sits quietly until you click a link, or type a web address to a known bad website.

What is a bad website? A bad website is any website that advertises using Spam, a Spoof website which appears to be a legitimate company but is actually a fake site trying to trick people into revealing their credit card number, known fraudulent sites, or sites that violates any of the My Little Mole Rules Of The Internet.

Has your PayPal, eBay, or Bank password been compromised? This happened because a scammer sent an email that looked like it was from one of these companies, but it actually linked to a fake look-alike website setup by the scammer. These are called Phishing emails and Spoof websites. Once the scammer tricks someone into going to their spoof website and typing their password, the scammer logs into the person's account to begin stealing.

You need protection from these bad websites. Even the smartest person can fall for a good looking email. My Little Mole will monitor for these spoof sites and alert you if you accidentally go to one.

There are many dishonest people on the internet who send SPAM, or unwanted emails. These go to fake websites trying to sell Viagra, Rolex Watches, or anything else. They are all fake and are only setup to steal credit card numbers. It can be hard to tell which are legitimate and which are not because scammers can make websites that look just like real companies. They may even copy a real company's website like eBay or and try to trick people into entering their credit card numbers. Our toolbar alerts you when you are on one of these fake sites. Our toolbar will even alert you when you are on a non secure website that is trying to collect information like your credit card number.

Using My Little Mole is easy. Download the installer and install. Open a new browser window and you will see My Little Mole in the toolbar. It is completely automatic, there are no settings or configurations to go through.

The security features are only part of the toolbar's appeal. You can also search your favorite sites such as Google, eBay and Amazon. To search Google, eBay, or Amazon, simply type in the search terms and hit ENTER or click the GO button. You will be taken to the desired website and the search results will appear. This will save you a lot of time waiting for websites to load and you will always know you are on the real website and not a spoof site.

Click the blue Mole to go to our website. The drop down menu has shortcuts to common sites like PayPal. Many scammers want you to go to a fake PayPal site. You can use our shortcut to the secure SSL PayPal site without having to type the URL every time.

We have not forgotten about the fancy features of Google either. There is a G button beside the Google search box. This button searches the Current Website. If you are on a blog site and you know there was a funny post about "cat food" but you cannot find the article, simply enter "cat food" in the Google search box while the site is loaded and click the G button. This will search for the terms specified in the current site only. If you want to search for Google Images or another specific feature, simply enter the terms in the Google search box and hit enter, when the Google results load, click the specific area at the top of the page such as Images, News, Groups, to see the keyword matches.

Easily track packages. Simply paste your UPS tracking number in the Google search box and search. Click the link to see your results. You do not have to go to the UPS website first and you do not have to click that annoying permission box anymore.


My Little Mole has been shown to identify over 90% of fraudulent spam sites and generates less than 1% false positive alerts.

Above is an example of the MLM alert when visiting a fraudulent website. This fraudulent site tries to collect credit card numbers by promising various prescription drugs. This site is a fake setup by scammers and will ship nothing. It looks very real and can easily fool someone who is looking for an inexpensive source of prescription medication. When the above user visited this scam site, the MLM toolbar popped up a warning saying the site is a known fraudulent site, thus saving the user from being scammed.

This is a closeup of the alert message from the above example. Going to fake/spoof websites makes Henry the Mole™ unhappy. If the user knew the site was legitimate they could click the checkbox to not see the message again. If the user was unsure, they can click Check This Site for more information.

When you click the Check This Site link, you will see the registration information for the site. The above site was registered less than 3 months. Legitimate sites are always older than 3 months so this is a clear warning sign that the website is not legitimate so it is shown in red.

My Little Mole will also alert on spoof sites. The above page looks like an eBay website but it is a fake setup by a scammer. It looks exactly like the real eBay webpage but it is not. When the user went to this site after receiving an email message saying there was a problem with their account, they received an alert warning them that the site was not the real eBay website. MLM will also alert for PayPal and various Banking and Financial institutions if you should go to a fake spoof site that looks like one of those. MLM warns you if a dns trojan attempts to redirect you to a fake or or many other websites too. A dns trojan can redirect you even if you type the correct address into your browser. MLM will protect you from so many threats, it is a necessary internet tool.


Website Ratings

Have you ever found something you wanted to buy on a website but you were unsure about how reliable the company is, who the company is, if they can be trusted. What is their record, who has used their service? Wouldn't it be nice to click a button and SEE what others have to say? Now you can. Just click the Star Rating button in the My Little Mole toolbar to instantly see the rating for any website on the internet along with comments from site visitors. You can leave your own comments if you have experience with the website.

Click the Star Rating button to see ratings on ANY website on the Internet

Auction Inquisitor Integration

When you bid on an eBay® auction, do you blindly hope you will receive what you are paying for? Do you wonder if the seller is legitimate or the auction is nothing but a scam?You can use the Auction Inquisitor software to analyze auctions for common signs of fraud before bidding. When you are on an eBay auction page, the rating button will change to a badge icon for the Auction Inquisitor software. When you click this button, it will automatically analyze the auction you are looking at. You will need the Auction Inquisitor software(for Windows) installed on your computer but it is free from

Click the Auction Inquisitor button to automatically analyze any auction you are viewing


Multiple Country Support

By default MLM is setup to use and but you can quickly and easily customize it to use your country specific site such as,,, and the rest, as well as customize the Amazon button to use,, and the other international sites.

Click the drop down arrow to find the customize features option.

Select your desired international site from the drop downs.

That is all there is to it. Now your buttons and search features will work with the international site instead of the default or


How often is MLM updated?

It is updated daily with new sites and new fingerprint tests to help identify fraudulent and spam websites. Once you install MLM, it will automatically update with the latest fraud site definitions. You do not have to re-install the software or download anything further.


How does MLM Know a Bad site?

The My Little Mole Toolbar looks at a number of factors. Some sites are blocked based on their URL( but many dishonest companies or individuals will register hundreds of domain names. They can register a new domain every day. This is why we also check various other factors to create a fingerprint of every page. If a page matches certain high risk criteria, an alert will appear.

MLM does not block any website. It only provides information on the site based on it's fingerprint and past research or reports on the website.

The fingerprint file that identifies bad websites is updated regularly. The MLM Toolbar will automatically download these updates so you never have to worry about new fraudulent websites. They will be added to our blacklist so you will be alerted automatically if you should go to one of these sites.

MLM toolbar is the spammers worst nightmare. We hit spammers where it hurts, in their pocket book. Spammers send spam because they can con innocent people out of money, credit card numbers, and personal information. They would not send spam if they cannot steal money when they send it. By making it much harder for spammers to make money, we can drive them out of business. Tell all of your friends to install My Little Mole and we can stop spam.

Click the button to download your toolbar now and protect yourself from spoof and fraud websites.








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