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I went to a xxxxxxxxx.com and your mole alert popped up. I clicked continue and ignored it. Then I went to the payment page and it popped up again. I looked more closely and thought twice about the website. I did some google searching and found hundreds of complaints against xxxxxxxxxx.com. I now pay attention to every site that I receive a warning for. MLM saved me from being ripped off for $220!!!!!!!! I cant say how glad I am that I installed MLM now!!!!!!!!!!!

I installed mlm just for the search features. I did not care about the security features and never thought I would fall for one of those obvious viagra fake sites. Then two days later I received an email about a job in Hong Kong. I had just submitted my information to xxxxxxxx with my resume information so I thought someone was responding. I clicked the link and when the website opened I was ready to enter my information when mlm popped up a warning message. I suddenly thought I should do some more checking. It turns out the website had only been registered three days earlier, it was a .hk site in hong kong but the registration information was for Mexico! I Googled and found no information until I found a message board post by someone who was scammed by a company using the same name. I wanted to say thank you so much for mlm. I would have really been screwed if I had given my information to this scam site. I shudder when I think how close I came to typing in my social security number and anything else they wanted for the promise of a job. Your toolbar really saved me THANKS!!!!!!

You saved me! I know not to click links in email but today i received an email from paypal, at least i thought it was, saying my account had been hacked and when i clicked the link, your warning popped up before I could enter my password, i am so grateful, you just saved me a lot of headaches. this scammer would have cleaned out the $800 I had in my paypal account if I had given him my password. thanks you again and I will recommend my little mole to everyone I can.

I installed mylittlemole and a few hours later my mother called me in asking about this weird pop up message. I came in and saw a mlm message about the website. My mohter was just about to give her credit card to a scam site to order a designer handbag. I had to explain to her that the site was a fake and that she should not click links in email(I have already told her this twenty times at least). If it had not been for installing mlm, she would have given her credit card to scammers and we would have never known until it was too late. I made sure to install mlm on the laptop after this too!

I installed the mylittlemole toolbar just because I liked the cool search features. I did not expect to ever use the security popups since I never go to any spam sites. Then today I received a message from paypal saying my account was compromised so I click on the link to see what is going on, then up pops MyLittleMole warning me not to type my passowrd. OMG, I am so happy I installed mlm now, I was just about to type my paypal password into the box without thinking. I just wanted to say thanks so super much, I have no doubt you saved me many headaches and a lot of money.

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